Monday, July 2, 2007

New Bedroom Eyes, Courtesy of Theyellowstereo

Hand-in-Hand Grenade by Bedroom Eyes. I hadn't previously heard this band, but I am really digging their sound right about now. It's upbeat and seriously makes for a better mood.

New Stars track, Courtesy of Theyellowstereo

They have the MP3 for their new track The Night Starts Here along with the new track list. It's an alright song if you ask me, but people seem to be digging it. I do like Stars, but this one just isn't doing it for me.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Cripple Lillies, Courtesy of Obscuresound

The Charred Heart of The Tin Woodman, Left Over Legs, and Early In The Morning. They have a great mellow sound to them. The piano drum combo at times reminded me of a lounge act on The Charred Heart... At any rate, if you only have time for one, I would look into the third track.

St. Vincent, Courtesy of Rawkblog

Now. Now. and Marry Me. This chick has a great voice for her style. If you don't know her, change that over at Rawkblog.

Cold War Kids on Youtube

Check out this acoustic version of We Used To Vacation. This has got to be my favorite song of theirs right off the bat. I know I am way behind on this one, but I just got around to picking up their cd, and this version is great.

Eugene McGuinness, Courtesy of Stereogum

The video for Monsters Under The Bed. It's a cool animated video and an very catch track. Head on over to Stereogum and check it out.

New Interpol video, Courtesy of Stereogum

It's the video for The Heinrich Maneuver from their new album. A good song from a great band, with a not so good/great video.

If you want to go slightly older school with it, check out their videos for Evil and Slow hands.

The Main Drag, Courtesy of Theyellowstereo

Even Seconds, Love During Wartime, and Goodnight Technologist MP3s are available. They've got a really good electronic sound to them, so go check them out.

Bat For Lashes video, Courtesy of Youaintnopicasso

What's A Girl To Do video. There's kind of a creepy vibe to the whole thing. Overall, it's a very cool video and a catchy song.